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Building Restaurant Customer Loyalty

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Building Restaurant Customer Loyalty Customers come and go daily but how influential is your restaurant to the extent that customer loyalty is heavily associated with your brand? Do you feel that there is a buzz around your restaurant? Do you believe that the repeat business shown by your customers is profitable in the long run? [...]

Restaurant SEO: The GoKart Guide

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Restaurant SEO? You are probably thinking...why do I need that! Restaurant SEO is an often overlooked marketing strategy, but vital for your restaurant’s success in the digital world. In 2019, the gap between technology and restaurants seem to shorten even more  - driven by an increased focus for the consumer to be catered to on [...]

5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Go Green

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Can your restaurant be greener? According to the UN global assessment report, scientists have observed the rapid decline of  natural ecosystems, along with the extinction of many prominent wildlife specifies. Without a doubt, human activity has proven to pose the largest threat towards the global environment.  The food service industry has been known to contribute [...]